Setting up HMS VPN for remote access to research servers:

NOTE: HMS VPN now uses 2 factor authentication for the second (challenge) password.

  1. Sign up for HMS VPN using the VPN request form on the page referenced below (if your email is, you already have an account - skip to #2)
  2. If you do not have DUO installed on your mobile device OR you do not have the line item "Harvard Medical School" in your DUO opening screen, follow the instructions titled “Setup HMS Two-Step Authentication (HMS Duo Mobile)" on the link referenced below.
  3. Install Pulse secure and configure using the correct link under "Pulse Secure Installers" for your computer on the VPN page referenced below.
  4. After configuring Pulse Secure (, connect and log in with your eCommons ID and password. After successful log in, you'll be prompted for a second password. Use HMS Duo to generate a 6 digit number by opening your Duo app and pressing "Harvard Medical School".  Enter that 6 digit number in the secondary password field.



Setup HMS Two-Step Authentication (HMS Duo Mobile):