Jonathan Abraham
Jonathan Abraham, Associate Professor

Molecular biology, immunology, and structural biology

Thomas Bernhardt
Thomas Bernhardt, Professor

Bacterial genetics; mechanism of cell division and regulation

Lee Gehrke
Lee Gehrke, Professor

Emerging viruses; rapid virus detection technologies

Sophie Helaine, Associate Professor

Salmonella persisters during infection and bacterial growth control

Darren Higgins, Professor

Host-pathogen interactions: intracellular bacterial pathogens

Ann Hochschild
Ann Hochschild, Professor and Chair

Bacterial genetics; mechanisms of transcription and bacterial prions

Marco Jost, Assistant Professor 

Molecular mechanisms of host-microbiome interactions

David Knipe
David Knipe, Professor

Molecular biology of herpes simplex virus; viral vaccines

Alexander Kostic, Assistant Professor

Microbiome-immune system interactions

Philip Kranzusch
Philip Kranzusch, Associate Professor

Enzyme biochemistry and innate immune signaling

Mélissa Léger-Abraham
Mélissa Léger-Abraham, Assistant Professor

Parasitic protein synthesis; structural and molecular biology

Stephen Lory
Stephen Lory, Professor

Bacterial pathogenesis: genomics

John Mekalanos, Professor

Protein chemistry and bacterial genetics

Jeffrey Moffitt, Assistant Professor

In situ single-cell ‘omics in the microbiome-gut-brain-axis

Max Nibert, Professor

Reoviruses and rotaviruses

Silvi Rouskin
Silvi Rouskin, Assistant Professor

RNA viruses and RNA-structure based gene regulation in disease

David Rudner
David Rudner, Professor

Cell envelope biogenesis in gram-positive bacteria; entrance/exit from dormancy

Aaron Schmidt, Assistant Professor

Protein engineering, antibody evolution and small-molecule discovery

Joseph Sodroski, Professor

Human immunodeficiency virus entry into host cells; HIV

Michael Starnbach, Professor

T-lymphocyte responses to bacterial pathogens

Suzanne Walker, Professor

Chemical biology applied to microbial systems