Social Issues in Biology Community Library

This page is a tribute to Dr. Jon Beckwith’s pioneering Social Issues in Biology course at Harvard and the companion Social Issues in Biology Community Library, established by the Department of Microbiology in 2022. Jon has been a life-long advocate for social responsibility in science and we hope that the resources herein will inspire thought, conversation, and the development of similar “social issues” courses at other institutions.

The community library is located at 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, in the NRB Conference Room 833, and is accessible to anyone with a Harvard ID during working hours (when the conference room is not in use). All books were curated and generously donated by Dr. Jonathan Beckwith.

Preview a bibliography of available books curated by Jon.

The Micro213 syllabus.

A Deep Conversation with Jon Beckwith; an interview conducted by UCSD. (October 2020)

Boston Children's Hospital September 2020 Postdoc Newsletter featuring Dr. Darren Higgins interview highlighting challenges and strategies for building a more inclusive scientific workforce. (September 2020)

HMS News & Research article discusses the Social issues in Biology course: When Science Can Harm. (March 2020)

Sounding the Alarm: Three Harvard scientists preach on the pitfalls of gene research. Boston Globe Magazine. (May 1996)

Announcement-Special Fundraiser to increase the impact of Social Issues in Biology Course
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