Monday talks

Monday talks are held in the New Research Building seminar room (NRB1031) from noon until 1pm and can be attended both in person and remotely through Zoom.
September 11, 2023Fortune LabHochschild Lab
September 18, 2023Angelika GründlingBernhardt Lab
September 25, 2023Knipe LabKranzusch Lab
October 2, 2023Walker LabWaldor Lab
October 9, 2023Indigenous People DayNo Monday Talks
October 16, 2023Rouskin LabChiu Lab
October 23, 2023Goldberg LabPaulsson Lab
October 30, 2023Wirth LabKagan Lab
November 6, 2023Gewurz LabClardy Lab
November 13, 2023Schmidt LabBaym Lab
November 20, 2023Thanksgiving WeekNo Monday Talks
November 27, 2023Catteruccia LabHiggins Lab
December 4, 2023Engelman LabHochschild Lab
December 11, 2023Dong LabRudner Lab
December 18, 2023Catteruccia LabRubin Lab
December 25, 2023Winter Holiday BreakNo Monday Talks
January 1, 2024Winter Holiday BreakNo Monday Talks
January 8, 2024Moffitt LabDove Lab
January 15, 2024MLK DayNo Monday Talks
January 22, 2024Pier LabKostic Lab
January 29, 2024Jost LabMekalanos Lab
February 5, 2024Lemieux LabHelaine Lab
February 12, 2024Abraham LabDevlin Lab
February 19, 2024President's DayNo Monday Talks
February 26, 2024Grad LabKahne Lab
March 4, 2024Rakoff-Nahoum LabGarner Lab
March 11, 2024Gehrke LabWatnick Lab
March 18, 2024Léger-Abraham LabBarczak Lab
March 25, 2024Knipe LabGoldberg Lab
April 1, 2024Lesser LabGarrett Lab
April 8, 2024Fortune LabWalker Lab
April 15, 2024Patriot's DayNo Monday Talks
April 22, 2024Kim LabFranklin Lab
April 29, 2024Corbett LabStarnbach Lab
May 6, 2024Huh LabKranzusch Lab
May 13, 2024Cunningham LabBernhardt Lab
May 20, 2024Jackson LabWaldor Lab