Department of Microbiology
Molecular Virologist (Research Scientist)

The Yang Group is currently recruiting a molecular virologist to work with a team of medicinal chemists, biochemists, and structural biologists in developing novel small molecule antivirals.  Preference will be given to individuals with prior experience with flaviviruses, but applicants with experience in any area of positive-strand RNA virology are encouraged to apply.  Most important is that you thrive working in a collaborative and fast-paced environment and that you are willing to learn and evolve as a scientist.  This is a great research scientist level position if you aren’t sure or if you are sitting on the academia versus industry fence, because you can learn skills relevant to industry while still training in an academic environment (i.e. answering questions is more important than making products).

Qualifications: A Ph.D. in molecular virology, including prior work with flaviviruses and/or hepatitis B virus is preferable.  Must be proficient in molecular biology techniques required for performing reverse genetics experiments to generate and characterize recombinant viruses.  Experience in analyzing viral gene expression and viral genome replication. Ability to independently design experiments to address mechanistic questions.  Excellent quantitative and communication skills and an ability to collaborate are essential.

Interested candidates should email and include a cover letter, CV, statement of professional interests, and contact information for three letters of reference. Applicants may also send the material to Dr. Priscilla Yang, Department. of Microbiology, Harvard Medical School, 77 Avenue Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA  02115.
-Posted June 14, 2019